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While events can be very exciting, they can also become very stressful. Planning an event is time consuming and frustrating for even the most organized individuals. Remembering all the details is certainly challenging if not impossible. The larger the event, the more daunting it can seem. But when it comes to the food for your event there is no need to stress. You've come to the right place. Providing food and beverage for your guests can be much more of a task than expected. Coordinating the amount of food to the amount of people, arranging seating, tables, linens, utensils as well as providing ample space and parking in a welcoming atmosphere is very time consuming and often details are missed or misjudged. QT Catering provides you and your guests with all these details and best of all, allows you to focus on other things. We provide top quality food and a friendly, experienced professional staff who take pride in making your event run smoothly.

QT Catering brings a new level of innovation and inspiration to special event catering and food service management for golf and sporting events, corporate and entertainment venues, weddings and receptions, birthdays and baby showers, anniversaries, memorials, graduations, etc. at a budget you can afford. We proudly offer all our table linens, utensils, seating arrangements, etc. within the cost. We offer catering services in the banquet hall on the beautiful grounds of Fairview Golf Course. The banquet hall facility offers plenty of off-street parking, accommodations for upwards of 175 people, heating & air, large flat screen television, and the perfect location for any event. Located just off the main route of 72 but nestled in the Fairview Golf Course to give a much more appealing, cozy and quaint event. QT Catering provides restaurant-quality catering, sports, dining and event services. We offer regular events for the public and theme events for our golfers. QT Catering is located just one mile west of Zinns Mill Road from the intersection of Route 72 and Zinns Mill Road.

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